Joel Rayborne: A 15-Year-Old Sprint Car Driver For...
Perris Auto Speedway catches up with Joel!!!
DRC for 2020!!
Joel Rayborne: A 15-Year-Old Sprint Car Driver For...

Joel Rayborne: A 15-Year-Old Sprint Car Driver For...

3/30/2018 -
Make no mistake about it, a Sprint Car is not a toy. It is a ruthlessly mean, disobedient, and unforgiving machine. Throwing a 14-year-old b
Perris Auto Speedway catches up with Joel!!!

Perris Auto Speedway catches up with Joel!!!

6/5/2020 -
WHAT IS PERRIS RACER JOEL RAYBORNE UP TOO DURING COVID-19 CRISIS? By Scott Daloisio (Perris, CA, June 5, 2020) Round #5 of interviews with P
DRC for 2020!!

DRC for 2020!!

3/3/2020 -
Absolutely STOKED to announce that Joel Rayborne Racing / Jim Blakesley Racing are going to run DRC Chassis' for the 2020 season, with the U

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  • Top 58
  • Top 1010

Schedule Results

7/13/2019 at Perris Auto Speedway - Perris, CA

Perris Auto Speedway Young Guns Series: USAC Southwest
AMSOIL USAC/CRA: USAC/CRA Sprints with USAC CRA Sprint Car Series

Joel Rayborne

410 Sprints - Non-WingedStartFinish
A Feature 11712th
Heat 2-8th
Qualifying 1Time: 17.753-17th


A Feature

30 laps | 00:00:00
16Damion GardnerConcord, CA4
24R.J. JohnsonLaveen, AZ51
324Stevie Sussex IIITempe, AZ12
47Tommy MalcolmCorona, CA5X
52Charles Davis JrBuckeye, AZ50
65Austin WilliamsYorba Linda, CA92
71Chris GansenVerdemont Heights, CA4G
811Mike MartinYuma, AZ16
93Matt McCarthyRiverside, CA28M
1018Ryan TimmonsPleasant Hill, CA29T
1123Steve HixVentura, CA57
1217Joel RayborneWest Covina, CA12B
1320Trent WilliamsApple Valley, CA52V
1416Cody WilliamsYorba Linda, CA44
1519Bill RosePlainfield, IN6
1621Eric EnglertLaverne, CA35
1715Randy WaitmanRamona, CAY69
1810Brody RoaBuena Park, CA91R
1914Verne SweeneyLomita, CA98
208Jake SwansonAnaheim, CA34AZ
2113Eddie Tafoya JrChino Hills, CA51T
2212Matt StewartPeoria, AZ90
239A.J. BenderSan Diego, CA21
2422Jeff DyerYucca Valley, CA39
DNS-Austin LiggettTracy, CA83

Heat 1

10 laps | 00:00:00Presented by Extreme Mufflers/Brown & Miller Racing Solutions
1-Charles Davis JrBuckeye, AZ50
2-Damion GardnerConcord, CA4
3-Brody RoaBuena Park, CA91R
4-Eddie Tafoya JrChino Hills, CA51T
5-Jake SwansonAnaheim, CA34AZ
6-Jeff DyerYucca Valley, CA39
7-Cody WilliamsYorba Linda, CA44
DNS-Bill RosePlainfield, IN6
DNS-Austin LiggettTracy, CA83

Heat 2

10 laps | 00:00:00Presented by Circle Track Performance/Ultra Shield Race Products/Competition Suspension Inc.
1-R.J. JohnsonLaveen, AZ51
2-Chris GansenVerdemont Heights, CA4G
3-Verne SweeneyLomita, CA98
4-Mike MartinYuma, AZ16
5-Tommy MalcolmCorona, CA5X
6-Trent WilliamsApple Valley, CA52V
7-Steve HixVentura, CA57
8-Joel RayborneWest Covina, CA12B

Heat 3

10 laps | 00:00:00Presented by Saldana Racing Products/Butlerbuilt Seats
1-Austin WilliamsYorba Linda, CA92
2-A.J. BenderSan Diego, CA21
3-Matt StewartPeoria, AZ90
4-Matt McCarthyRiverside, CA28M
5-Ryan TimmonsPleasant Hill, CA29T
6-Randy WaitmanRamona, CAY69
7-Eric EnglertLaverne, CA35
8-Stevie Sussex IIITempe, AZ12


00:00:00Presented by Woodland Auto Display/Beaver Stripes
1-Damion GardnerConcord, CA416.526
2-Tommy MalcolmCorona, CA5X16.636
3-Austin WilliamsYorba Linda, CA9216.643
4-Jake SwansonAnaheim, CA34AZ16.724
5-R.J. JohnsonLaveen, AZ5116.953
6-Matt McCarthyRiverside, CA28M16.971
7-Charles Davis JrBuckeye, AZ5017.014
8-Chris GansenVerdemont Heights, CA4G17.219
9-A.J. BenderSan Diego, CA2117.253
10-Brody RoaBuena Park, CA91R17.287
11-Mike MartinYuma, AZ1617.340
12-Matt StewartPeoria, AZ9017.431
13-Eddie Tafoya JrChino Hills, CA51T17.473
14-Verne SweeneyLomita, CA9817.536
15-Randy WaitmanRamona, CAY6917.580
16-Cody WilliamsYorba Linda, CA4417.586
17-Joel RayborneWest Covina, CA12B17.753
18-Ryan TimmonsPleasant Hill, CA29T17.815
19-Bill RosePlainfield, IN617.817
20-Trent WilliamsApple Valley, CA52V17.929
21-Eric EnglertLaverne, CA3517.978
22-Jeff DyerYucca Valley, CA3918.203
23-Steve HixVentura, CA5718.399
24-Stevie Sussex IIITempe, AZ120.000
25-Austin LiggettTracy, CA830.000

Special Thanks!

AJ Racing
DJ Safety
Inland Rigging
Justice Brothers - Gillund Enterprise
ROW Graphics
KN Filters - Dark BG
DRC Chassis
CSI Suspension